Tuesday, September 18, 2012

water supply got problem


hey why this entry always appear when i press 'tab' on the keyboard.


actually, i feel very2 angry right now.

i have a few reasons for it.

1. the main reason is because the water supply to my rent house got into trouble as the main tank on top of the building, which store water for the whole block was damaged. i dont know why. but the water was just went back to normal from the water disruption about 3 days back. now, the trouble still happened. it was so effing troublesome. im tired to go and take pails of water on my own from downstairs. i live at level 6 and the temporary water supply is at level 6. sometimes one of the elevator also failed to service. so, i need to use stairs to bring the water to my house.

2. unsatisfied response from a close friend. can u just be patient and keep calm. we fall into same trouble. so just wait a bit and we try to handle it together.

3. annoyed with makcik who live at level 3 block c (maybe). the house is just beside the place where we used to get the temporary water supply. she's just so annoying. she is the one who developed this anger mood. if i were a terrorist, im sure will put bomb in her mouth! we are tired to face all this effing trouble but she just simply scolded us for making some noises. eff!

4. unfriendly so-called best friend. he got into trouble then, me also feel his messed-up. so screw him.



  1. hi syila, i suggest u to find a new rent house, or u claim to the owner to take action on your situation, get well soon mate :-)

  2. hi! i just rent this house for about 2 months. if i were to move out, im sure the owner didnt want to give our deposit back. :( btw, thanks for the recommendation. :)