Saturday, December 31, 2011

goodbye 2011

Hi. Nice to meet you. Thanks for reading. I dont have important things to say. Lately I've been so busy with my work. Luckily I just worked for only 4 days. Last Monday was a public holiday due to Christmas Eve. woooahhh. what a tiring week.

summary of 2011 : hum. nothing much different as a year before i think. but i wish that next year will be a much better year for me. i want my everyday fills with a super big smile ^___^. this year i met a new friend. got a new best guy friend. got into conflict with bestfriends. losing friend. being into a big trouble. suddenly become lonely. studying final part 6 alone at library section 17. dont care people. problems come and go. done with one of MICPA paper. doing internship at BDO. staying at KL. last feb, i was problematicly thinking of a place for intern. i just follow the flow which already stated in contract. im happy working with my team. they are very nice n kind. i learnt to do audit. now, i've been working for 7months already. having a class at sunway college. dating at sunway pyramid. nice! haha. missing my bestfriend, muna. i get closed to her since early 2011 until she ends her intern at shah alam ends of april. whatelse to share? humm. nothing ryte?

today im still 21. tomorrow will unofficially be 22 already. tua! :D

good nyte dearest friends!


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Burung Hantu

Hi, malam!

Rasanya dalam minggu ni xde ape2 komitmen yang berat. So, aku boleh la lepak kat sini selalu. (bagi aku ni tempat lepak orang bosan).

Sejak musim exam ni aku dah x pandai nak tido malam. Apa ntah nak wat pas exam dah abes ni.

lupa nak buh quote - "FTSK,2011". 

Aku tak amek caffeine pun. Tapi still xley tido. Mungkin ade ter-rasa coffee latte qila td. Alaa, sikit je pun. *ting-tong* Sejak semalam, hanya tido 2 jam dalam 33 jam. Sampai aku tertido tadi awal malam dan terlepas tengok cinta elysa. *frustrated tau dak!* Aku just dapat tengok 10 min akhir je. Kecewa mcm ni. Sigh~

Sapa kerja sok, sapa ade kelas esok pegi tido sekarang.

Nah, lagu tido malam ni.

God doesn't give you people you want, but He give you people you need. Someone to love you, to hurt you, to care about you, to make mess on you, to compliment you, to get your freaks on... and to make you the person you were meant to be.


*good night sweets*


p/s: ada nmpk kaitan burung hantu ngan cerita aku tak? #lol

Sunday, December 11, 2011

stages in a relationship


i am not going to make a long post tonight. i should been studying right now. but after watched this video once again (after a long time ago) i think i would like to share it with u all.

I bet u will be thinking of someone while watching it. and u imagined u r one of the hero/heroine. so, what stage are u in right now?

p/s: then what bout me? 

good night sweethearts


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Teardrops on my Guitar

lets hear one of my an old favorite songs.

nothing much to say.

*good night sweethearts*


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Petua Orang Tua

Saya : Ana, tercekik tulang.

Ana : Mana?

Saya : Sini. Kat dalam ni. *sambil tunjuk leher kat dia*

Nak wat camna ni ?

Ana : Ntah. Tanya mama.

Situasi di dapur.

Saya : Mama, tercekik tulang ikan.

Mama : Minum la air banyak2. Petua orang dulu2 kata, minum air sambil tarik telinga.

Saya : Haa ? *tapi aku buat jugak*

Saya : Tak berkesan pun ma.

Mama : Memang tak berkesan pun. Mama dah buat dah. Orang dulu2 tipu je. *sambil gelakkan aku*

Saya : Pandai orang dulu-dulu amek kesempatan. Haha.

moral of the story: aku tak berapa nak percaya sangat petua yang pelik2 ni dah.