Sunday, November 21, 2010

fact/truth/lie. so, which one?

today i told people that,

"saya seorang yang pendiam".

p/s: i let u decide. hehe..

Saturday, November 20, 2010

just another thought~

You can't make a heart love somebody,

You can lead a heart to love,

But you can't make it fall.

ps : think of it..

i got it but i dont get into it.

everything i do, i do it for some reason.

n the presence of me in this world is surely with purposes.

i wonder what it is..

different person might have their own perception.

it is whether we realize it or not that we have done a right or wrong thing.

it seems that im such an innocent person ryte?

but, who really knows me?

am i really that innocent that dont commit sins? (such a pretty good liar.)

i maybe lose myself from the right path.

but i dont think im the only person that should be blame.

as long as theres a hope for me to get change myself to be a better person is more than enough for this time being.

changes need sacrifice which come from a pure and full of sincerity hearts.

its just for a new breathy lyfe that is out from the messed that i've created.

ps : if and only if theres someone who can really helped me out..

Thursday, November 18, 2010


i've lost my words these days.
its been a long time since im not write anything here.
i didnt mean to abandoned this blog. hee. seyesly.
maybe i feel like i always have a place to talk to.
then, i dont have time to convey my memories here.
i love what i did. n im quite missing it. <3

is it blogging only for the people who are content with the loneliness?
is it blogging is the only way to heal the sickening in our heart?

are those questions only deserve for me?

it seems that im not alone these days.
i have mate that cares about me.
and i hope it is full of sincerity.
i dont want people around me said that,
that someone only did a small kindness towards me but i was thinking that he did it because he madly fall in love with me. geez..
im totally disagree with that.
they dont really know whats really happened. but end up they turned to make their own conclusion.

p/s: please pray for my success in my undertakings.

till then~

Friday, November 12, 2010


yesterday, happy wif besfrenS.
today, losing ONE besfren.
2moro, might lose Another to0.
next day, find a NEW besfren.
future, thinking dat EX besfrenS is much m0re better than n0w-frens n regret it.

SO, TAKE GOOD CARE of ur now-besfrenS b4 u r becoming such a LOSER.