Sunday, December 22, 2013

Poket Baju

Ambil lah hati ini.
Letak dalam poket baju awak.
Bukan dalam hati awak, luar pun jadilah.
Asalkan masih dekat di hati.



Selamat tengah hari dan selamat bekerja.

dah makan? sy dah. makan nasi goreng belacan tambah ikan goreng.

then, teringat satu kisah pasal sorang kawan ni.
baik dia. haha

kami dua pergi makan. tapi dua2 tak boleh makan seafood.

kami order tom yam campur salah satu nye.
dalam tu ada udang, sotong, ayam dan lain2 haiwan.

aku yg degil nak jugak makan seafood so dalam diam2
dia curi dulu haiwan2 tadi sebelum aku makan.

reason dia, tak nak bagi aku gatal hidung pas makan.

baik. he he.


Sanggup Tunggu

Hai. selamat hari Ahad.

At this hour belum tahu apa nak buat, maybe gonna spent the whole day on bed only. very lazy to go out with housemate. 

I let u know what i feel right now. Still remembered last time, when I don’t have transport to client place and I usually “tumpang” one kakak from my office to client’s place which is at Glenmarie.

Then, I always kena from one my friend, she said, “Sanggup tunggu??”

That’s hurt.

Dia macam nak bagitahu, “hey, just take ktm la. Why need to “tumpang” others”.

Dia tak naik ktm boleh la kata cmtu.

I only said “malas la. It takes long time to reach there”

Dia kata “nak buat camne. Dah you don’t have transport.”

I think dia better don’t interfere in my decision. I know what best for me.

People changed. Sometimes, they forgot to consider other people feelings.

I said silently “apa salah ke aku tumpang orang pegi client? Sedih”

Saturday, December 14, 2013

two days


this is a short post from. a very short one.. :)

i hv final exam for my forth paper in MICPA which is Management Accounting & Applied Finance which will be held next Monday. 

please pray for my success k?


think a moment, 

-re-think what is your aim, purpose in this life. make sure you work in line with your aim. dont let dream just left as dream. if you dream big, and do nothing, you might as well forget the whole thing. 

-study before dating. 

-dont give up. finish what you have started. 

-always challenge yourself. head up! 


gonna miss this page. will write soon. 

gonna back to my work.