Tuesday, April 26, 2011

never know & never knew

there is people who never want u in his life.

but u always there. bugging him. annoyed him with ur jealousy.

u never understand cause u never know. and he never knew u.

whats the point of ur existance?

-Get Out Of The Road.-


have u ever granted for something that u really want in ur life?
its not wrong and never gets wrong. its up to you on what u wish for.

somehow it was like eeeuuw to other people.
but who cares? you only think what best for you. and do what you think u what to.
i do it for myself. so nothing to be care about what other people want to say.
again, who cares? its me. not you. n never about you.

third people only get things worst.
if that third person never exist, what a great their life will be. huh.

somehow i feel like i started to hate no three.

whats wrong?
nothing. i guess its bring nothing special to me.

another sigh.

ps: i've been into bad nightmare last third. n im optimistic to never let the same thing happened

Sunday, April 24, 2011


hi. hi.

got a lot to say actually. but i dont have much time. thing works very well. but its happened without i realize that time passes very fast. things changed gradually.
finals is just around the corner. to be exact, it is next wed! OMJ. cuak kot.
i promise that im going to work hard and push my CGPA up. if possible, to be 3.5. ;)
pray for my success k dearest friend.
btw, next sem i'll start my practical training. somewhere there in KL. not in shah alam anymore. alhamdulillah. it is a good place and i feel so lucky to be accepted and passed the interview.. it was an opportunity that i shouldn't missed out. a step for a brighter future.
so, by hook or by crook i need to learn how to survive in the hassle and busy KL.

later k. have a good night all. its been 0348 morning already. take care. bye!

ps: ayu's 19 bday is today


Friday, April 1, 2011

Chocolate Sale. ;)



COMPANY : Network Food Industries Sdn Bhd

TIME : as shown on the poster.

VENUE : Section 16, Shah Alam.

*updated : it is on 1st april and 2nd april OnLy*

ps : ;) wooo.