Thursday, September 20, 2012

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Roughly about today : WoW

Today was the last session of WoW interview. The person whom interviews me was a woman of 28 to 35 years old. And she is Malay. However, she was a lil serious throughtout the session. I woke up late in the morning. And had to rush going to UIC since I’ll be going Menara Citibank at Jalan Ampang by bus. Thanks to Intan for waking me up. Or else Im not going to sit for the interview. I think i did badly in the short video response. I feel quite nervous as i wited long enough since i was the last person for that morning session. Hariz however did successfully during the interview. Here was some part of question that been asked for me.

Q: give different about normal track and fast track

- Where did u r going to do ur internship.

A : at BDO.

- BDO binders?

- A: yup.

- At Kl or branch?

- A: kl

- Awk asal cni?

- A: nope. Saya terikat dengan contract with BDO. BDO sponsor saya tuk sambung MICPA.

- What is your planning in future?

- A: i will continue working with BDO since the i have contract work with BDO after my studies.

- How long?

- 4 years.

- What is your CGPA?

- 3.41

- IC. 3.4 je.

The interviewer did ask me many question until I was trapped. The key word that trapped me into the interview is when i used the word I THINK.

I know, it showed that Im not ready with the interview.

Then, she taught me to seek advice/opinion from other people to ensure that we are success.How u measure ur successfulness?

She commented about :

asked opinion from other people on the color that i choose to attend interview

wear shoes not sandals(wedges instead)

body postures


& etc.

Q: do you think u pass this interview?

End of the more than half hour interview.I feel different and lost word for awhile. Geez..



today : 20.09.2012

i dah kerja pun. no need to attend any other interview.
tadi i kerja kat plaza osk. just opposite menara citibank tempat interview wow dulu.
so, waktu kerja hari2 macam teringat kenangan dulu lah. yikes! *kenangan kunun*

masa yang dah berlalu.

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