Saturday, July 9, 2011

deadly stuck

i cant sleep tonight.

my mind is very mess up.

i planned to go home by today.

but i cant.

bersih thingy really annoys me quite a lot.

1. i cant go home. (pahang) all the buses aren't going anywhere.its remain there. gosh.

2. i missed home so badly that i wanted to go home since its been 3 weeks im stay over in KL during weekend.

3 mama, i need you. i felt like i want to cry after hearing your voices. i am so homesick.

4. i told abah that i was stucked in KL. and he also said that i better be here as any thing might happen over the way to pahang.

5. its not only KL, but Pahang also got no bus to KL starting today(Friday) until Sunday. if i were at Pahang, then, i only can came back here on Monday.

6. There are no bus operation in Titiwangsa. Only bus loncat2 to Genting and Raub is opearating like usual. Other co even close counter earlier. thus, no bus ticket is sold.

7. only taxi available to Pahang. but. the fee is highly expensive. it is rm45. a normal bus ticket supposedly only cost about rm11 per seat.

8. no tears drop. but my eyes is leaking. waters flow out from it. i tried to stop it and i managed to block it to avoid face flood.

9. i am horribly dont have mood to do anything. i tried to make myself happy and calm by seeing sunflowers and spongebob. both of it are yellow.

10. i dont want to sleep cause tomorrow i want to sleep heavenly like there's no more tomorrow.

Why is everybody so serious, acting so dang mysterious ♥

Why is everybody so obssesed, money can't buy us happiness ♥

that's it.thanks to you. and please forgive me if t do wrong.

Monday, July 4, 2011

getting worst


maybe last time i was happy with some of my friends. but due to some reasonable reasoning from my judgment, i think they are not really good to be friend with. who i am to judge? i know. but it is for my own goods. and i know that im not that good. i am bad too. but after-all, everything has a limit. i set it for my own benefit in future and so that i am not feeling of regretting what i have done. again, i said, set a limit for yourself. i play too but i know where to stop. its not like you, which getting far from our same basis. so, i decide to make my own path leaving you in your excitement-world. i am no longer involved. since it is your bad and mine too, i won't let it out to people. i still value you as my friend. but the different is, we are no longer close like before, we are no longer lepak-ing, chit-chatting, gossiping, and all. i am quite missing it. but its you that changed. i wish that we can meet up soon and be like before without disrupted by any sensitive point.

ms. syila.
your so-called ex-friend.