Saturday, May 26, 2012


aku dah lupa macam mana nak tukar design blog.

seriously. aku dah tak pandai main blog.

ok, bye!

i need a conversation

Hi, good evening..

waaa.. i feel so bored. dont know what to do at this moment. i feel so useless since i didnt do anything today. i should stay up tonight and do some homework.

i feel less motivated.
i am homesick. i miss my family so badly.

i'm freakin need someone to accompany and talk to me tonight. i have lots of words left untold today, so i need  someone who can lend me ears and have a good conversation with me. (i wish)


p/s: jangan and tak pe had a big different

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Hi! Whatcha doing? Everything when good?
I got a thing to STORY. And here we go.


I am a Serious person. I don’t like Stupid jokes. If I asked a Simple question, and that question is kinda important, I expected the answer to be a Simple but right/correct. Not Something like very deviate from the main point. Example:

!  This is very lame and annoying.

Q             :               eh, kau ade gunting tak?
A             :               ade. Kat kedai.

Q             :               kau tengah wat ape? *i expect the answer is im doing auditing or accounting or name-any-subjects-that-we-learn.*
A             :               tengah menari. *which she obviously sedang wat homework*

I am not that Stupid that I will ask what you exactly do when I actually seen that through my bare eyes. Huh!

Sometimes, i don’t like when people make Some unintentional mistakes like “typo in texts’ and you will make fun and keep repeating the mistakes over.
I don’t know, maybe i am the only person that feel that way.

That’s it. Thank you.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

final sem is so hectic

Hi, all.

I have left this things quite a looong time. im going to do some maintenance work on this blog soon. haha..

hey, truly i said, i feel quite clumsy to work on this blog. this is my first time using the new upgraded blogspot layout. seriously i feel like a bit jakun. haha.

alhamdulillah. i am currently doing good although i feel like so-called half-alive zombie after much works and busy life in final sem studies.

rasa macam susah nak percaya. ehh. dah last sem.. pasni dah boleh kerja.. ehh. cepatnye.. student life will ends soon.. i only have a limited 3months time or less to live as a student.. macam tak percaya kan? rasa macam the whole life spend just to studying je.. but after this, dah kena kerja..kena cari duit makan sendiri.. MARA dah tak de sponsor lagi. instead, kena bayar balik hutang2 yang dah pinjam kat MARA before this.. :)

i just finished my MICPA-ICAA (Taxation) paper 2 days ago. woooahhh!~ seronok tau dak! finally its over. sekarang, kena doa banyak2 je.. sebab results will come out in one months from exam date.. cepat kan? nervous kot.. if orang tanya, mcm mana exam?? aku tak tau ape nak cakap.. ntah la. something yang tak boleh nak desribe ngan kata2. #over sangat. haha

dari start sem, boleh kira berapa kali je gi tgk movie. g jalan2 jauh. g lepak shopping complex. g balik rumah. most of the time, kena struggle. ni pun baru lega sikit sebab dah abes micpa. xde lah kena pegi blaja kat sunway on weekends dah. *fuhhh.

wooaaahhh.. i miss home.. i miss momma. i miss daddy.. i miss adeks.. i miss rabbits. i miss cats.. hummmm...

sgt relieve after i managed to set an appointment for one of group assignment.. even sgt last minute and maybe we are sort of the last group yg pergi wat interview tu nanti.. ehh, nanti kami nak pergi les' copaque.. haha.. comel kan? jangan jeles..

i feel like to story so much thing. and yes, many things happen since the last time i did my post. haaa.. now i remembered, last time i feel like a bit down nak continue to do blogging since ade orang cakap my blog is boring.. tacing kot.. so giv up.. but now, malas layan.. dah about 5 months past.. so, im back!

i dont create funny story. i dont aim to entertain people. i do just for my own satisfaction. i feel good and happy, so i do blog. if u dont like to read its up to you. i never ask u to read it.

i still have lots of outstanding works to be completed as soon as possible. i also need to catch up many things that i missed. maf 635 la. aud 610 la. humm plus others la..

i will write more soon.

p/s : if, i did a mistake without i realised or aware of it, to you, and you feel annoyed, touched or whatever, I hope u will forgive me. sorry buddy.