Friday, September 14, 2012

10 months


update lagi hari ni boleh?

tadi waktu kerja ada 1 conversation ngan sorang colleague ni. 
and i just realized that aku dah lama kerja kat BDO tu.

know what, its have been 8 months 
and 2 months.

which in total means 10 months i work at the company.


i still can survive. what an achievement! give me a big clap. haha.

but i still feel lack of knowledge.

never mind, still got another 4 years. cannot countdown bila contract habis lagi. sebab contract 4 years belum start lagi. maybe next months or on 1 nov. now still within 3 months probation period. sigh~ 

tunggu nanti countdown aku naik. haha!


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