Monday, January 31, 2011

another gloomy day



its 3.00 a.m. i just finished one of my hw. to be exact, AIS. see, finally i do something benefit ryte? :)

although its supposedly to be finished earlier, but, certain unavoidable entertainment distract me from continuing doing my work. 'tergoda. huh!'

i dont like when i saw past. i felt like im a loser during that tyme. someone wif somebody r happy 2gather wif people around them in their world. but y im not included wif them?
fortunately, it wasn't last long. n now i can still breath in this world with them, without having to see my heart getting hurt. its a pleasure after all.

-ngantuk kot. apa lagi la nak merapu panjang ngat. tido jela. haha. tiba2-

till then,
i want the end to be, happily ever after <3

truly yours,

Sunday, January 30, 2011

HE - this time i dont understand

sometimes appear to be ok.

sometimes like a person who live in his own world. dont mix people. dont show interest to everyone around. i dont know. MAYBE its just me who thought like that. MIGHT BE true and MIGHT BE not.

as for me, i am a very simple person, i dont take into heart for matters that MIGHT hurt me as long as people not feel ashamed to admit their wrong and ask for forgiveness. im sure will forget that mistakes and it will be like nothing happens before. mistakes is forgiven and then will be forgotten. its not that complicated that people used to fight with each other and build a wall of silence for a long time. that is nonsense after all.

sometimes he looks so good but sometimes it doesnt reflect like he is good enough.
sort of like 'sesumpah'. MAYBE he changes according to his feeling.
when its turns bright, me also will feel enjoyable. but,
when its turns gloomy, it is like nobody is able to find where on earth is he, suddenly disappear.
n what did i do? wait for that 'sesumpah' change his body to bright color back?
that doesnt really matters. the question is supposedly to be,
Should I Wait?

p/s: ????

Thursday, January 20, 2011

4 days holiday, 3 days study. whatha heaven!

this week i feel very relax & no rush.
tomorrow public holiday. friday i aint got any class.
but, saturday and sunday i have programme.
seyesly, x dapat dielakkan.
if not, i'm sure going back to pahang. (of coarse la. 4 hari cuti kot)

from this week onwards, i only have 3 1/2 days classes & the rest is holiday.
seyesly, very enjoyable. i did a very good schedule for this sem.
but, 1st 3days of class is a lil bit compact la.
i think i dont have much worries since lecturers always busy n sometimes they canceled the class or dismissed class earlier.

seems like every subjects are really tough. more on theories. but, the lessons were so fast that even a train not able to chase. jk.

not related. :)

now, i just came back from extreme park.rock climbing, lepak-ing.

a lullaby before you sleep. have a good night dearest~

Kaiser Chiefs - Love's Not A Competition But I'm Winning


Monday, January 17, 2011

PAC600 dilemma

result - good
communication skill - not good enough

resolution = middle firm co or small firm co.

  • where to go?
still thinking the pros and cons of the place where i should locate myself in 6 months time.

*i have to discuss it with my parents before i ended up with my own decision.

Ps: really dont have any idea.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

silence keep us apart

when i'm not message you, doesn't mean i don't remember you.
but i wish that you message me first so that i know that deep inside you still need me.
if we both seems to be in silent, we just trying to keep ourselves far apart.

p/s : its just another nonsense thought from me although i really meant it~

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

just a short one. cross my heart !

i know i'm not good enough to anyone's. i'm just trying to be humble. i need a sincere friend, always there for me, no matter what happen. whether it is hard or not. he who is like to accept me for who i am. like everything about me. respect my parents as i only love them in this world. i know i'm talking nonsense. but, i want to let it out. just a before i closed my eyes and go to sleep. wanna join me? meet me in my dream k? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz