Sunday, May 16, 2010

KeDaH YG fOtOGeNik - part1

first tyme edit gmba using adobe photoshop.

if x cntek paham2 la still learning.

help me to improve in the next future.

i will hear any comment.


old English Tea cans or on china painting effect 1

personal view- try wat but cam x jd je. sketch die x bape clear.

half sepia

=) pic wif high saturation will give more satisfied result

selective sepia - by color green


selective sepia - by color blue

like! **

Old Printouts



edit pics from kedah part1 end. will be cont maybe.

credited to:

~sum1 who contribute the pics. such a beautiful scenery taken there [kedah]

~camera boy...n,,

~supportive ALL of YOU