Saturday, July 27, 2013


Tadi, tadi, masa balik kerja kan, kita tersilap pakai kasut alya pas turun kereta.

Malu! Malu kot. Kasut sebelah lain2. Dah la 1 besar. Kaler dia sama.

Malu takut orang gelakkan, so, laju2 aku jalan pastu naik tangga tingkat 6 sebab tak mau terserempak orang. Haa. *jangan ketawa.

ini ke space untuk title?

Tadi orang dah tulis dah cerita. Pastu semua hilang. Tak suka la camni. Marah tau...




Selamat malam.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Now I feel like to write. Maybe because I don't hv any place to let my story out. Currently I'm with my family. At home. My handheld's battery almost drained that make me turn off my data. And even my mobile service.

Few months past, and I'm single, as always. I used to have someone, but now, no more. So, here is me, same as before. I never changed. Its up to you whether u cn accept me or not.

now, my bff made a mistake which actually quite hurting. Well, I'm just a normal human with emotions. So,i feel touched, when it hurts.

Work is ok. Life is ok. But there's no work-life balanced. More to work instead of life. Maybe, the more senior u are, the more work load u experienced. Sadly, still another 3.5 years to go.

Happy ramadhan. And happy fasting to all muslims. I'm sorry.

Btw, one of my friend in university, nurul shuhada just passed away this evening, (13 Jul/4 Ramadan) Al- fatihah for her. May she will be placed among the good muslims in life after.

Thanks for the dropped-by. Assalamualaikum.

-syila- 140713 1215hrs