Saturday, July 24, 2010

its always something

running far away.
here is just full of craps that messed me up.

lol. so boring..

hoping dat tomorrow will b much more exciting.
facing new experience each day turned me 2 b matured.
learning much more new thing,
creating a meaningful day,
making a tomorrow 2 b a day 2 remember.

i wish for a person 2 b my mate by my side..
im totally feeling empty.

how i have 2 pretend dat i used 2 b independent.
i know im not.but its worth 4 me 2 try.

miss my OLD friend. i need u so badly. :(

i dont like when my weekdays are over.
weekend will turn out n i dont hv anything 2 do 2 make myself busy.
so, what to do?


i have 2 go 2 a place which r far from this cursed-Town

2 a place that i missed a lot.


p/s: somebody help me